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IOT Bootstrap project for Beginners

published by rishabhio team on June 10, 2016

Keywords: IOT, Internet of Things, Raspberry Pi, Thingspeak, Ionic

What pain does this workshop solve?

If you're a beginner among many others who are looking to get your neurons electrified with the Internet of Things. You understand how big a pain this is for beginners to find something concrete in the Internet full of less beginner friendly stuff. IOT Bootstrap Project for Beginners which we're going to develop today at the rishabhio workshop will help you get your footsteps into the home of IOT.

What tool is developed in this workshop?

In this workshop we develop a very simple fun tool. Tool has 2 components visible to the user

  1. Mobile App with switches
  2. LEDs which are triggered when we interact with switches on Mobile App

How complex is it going to be

The simplicity of the tool being developed in this workshop is not really in sync with the amount of effort and energy required to develop this tool. You may really start losing motivation when managing so many different things and writing code. Just relax we have supplied some quotes, tips and cartoons at different stages to keep you up and energetic.

Requirements for this workshop

Electronics and software components required for this workshop are listed below

  1. Working Raspberry™ Pi 2 [3 is also OK]
  2. 3 LEDs [Red, Green, Blue]
  3. 3 1K resistors
  4. 1 Ethernet Cable
  5. 1 PC or Laptop with Internet Connection
  6. 1 Android Phone with Internet Connection
  7. ThingSpeak Account

Organization of this workshop

This workshop is divided into 6 different modules

  1. Setting up the Hardware
  2. Programming the Hardware
  3. Setting up ThingSpeak Account
  4. Setting up the Mobile App
  5. Integrating and Testing the Final Tool
  6. [optional] Registering your name in rishabhio IOT Hall of Fame and win prizes
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