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2. Setting up ThingSpeak Account

published by rishabhio team on June 10, 2016

Keywords: IOT, Internet of Things, Raspberry Pi, Thingspeak, Ionic

Step-1 Creating an account with ThingSpeak

Now moving on the next step, you need to setup an account on thingspeak. Its an online service which allows you to send and read data for your IOT applications. Just visit the thingapeak website and create an account giving in the desired details.

Step-2 Creating a channel for our app

On the thingapeak portal, create a new channel and add the information correctly. Carefully notedown your write and read keys because you'll need themin the next steps.

Step-3 Navigate to channels overview

After you have created the channel, navigate to the channels option from menu and click on your newly created channel and you'll be presented with the screen similar to the one shown below and click on the API keys option highlighted in the image.

Step-3 Notedown Read Key and Write Key

Notedown your read and write API keys carefully as you'll need these in order to run your IOT software and mobile app.

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