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A Month in the Python's Cave

The journey of programming you've been waiting for

getting started with meteor
Once you enter the Python's Cave you'll not be the same programmer you are. There's a serious Probability that the concepts in the python cave will take over your mind for ever and you'll start to love python like you love pizza or cola.
To be honest this is not a warning but rather an invitation to the Python's Cave. Come and see what we've weaved for you to experience.
An introduction to the Journey
Once you enter the Python's cave, you spend around 30 days there immersed waist deep in code most of the time. Each day comes with a new, unknown and mysterious chapter and a new learning. Along with each chapter comes a new skill for you to master. Your mission in the Python's Cave is to master all the coding skills you come across and yeah your ultimate goal is to become a better programmer with each passing day because that's the reason you're here for.
Sequence of the journey
Well Python's Cave is a real mysterious land with no particular sequence. You can find something difficult on day-3 and then something easy on day-9 but there's no flow what so ever. We're not writing "yet another" python tutorial. We're creating an experience and "Experiences often do bring Surprises" so get ready for them.
Pre-requisite tools and knowledge
In order to get the best out of your journey, It'll be helpful if you not only read stuff but also execute it on your local machine. We also recommend that you create a github repo with a creative name and then push all your code to it so you can always reference it later on.
Never let your code die on your local machine. It can benefit somebody someday, and most of the times that somebody's you.
So in summary we do hope you know how to write and run python scripts on your local machine and how to push your code to your github repository.
Journey Map
Following is your journey map, start anywhere at your own risk. But make sure you complete the journey and don't think about quitting. You should only know of "QUIT()" as a function to exit python's interactive shell.


Day-1 Meeting Uncle print
you probably already know him, but he may have more to offer.


Day-2 Data & Operations
learn about basic data types and how to operate on simple data


Day-3 Loops & Branches
learn decision making in Python using loops and branches

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