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Sign in using Facebook in Sailsjs apps

Part-1 Create Facebook App

Sign in using social platforms is becoming very popular these days. In this workshop we'll see how we can let our users sign in using facebook rather than having to incur the pain of storing usernames and passwords.
Create a Facebook App
go to Facebook Developers Site and create a new App.
Add a new app portal comes up as a result of your previous action. Just go ahead and choose the basic setup as directed by the arrow in the following image.
When you click on the basic setup you're presented with a basic app setup page. Here you have to add details such as a Name for you app and you also have to select the category in addition to providing your contact email. Just setup these details and click on the Create App Id button.
Congratulations! at this point your application has been created. But wait, it does nothing by default and you're directed to a product setup page where you can choose what you really want to do with your app. Since we are developing this app for a sign in system, we have to choose Facebook Login as shown below.
OK now is the time to setup Client OAuth settings . If you don't understand OAuth, just don't worry about it. Go ahead and set options as shown in the image below. Make sure your Valid OAuth Redirect URIs is same as the one shown in the image below, this is where we'll redirect the user once he has authenticated.
Finally go to the Dashboard of your app and note down the Client ID and Client Secret of your app because you'll need these in the sails app which we are going to create soon.

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