Dare to loose the sense of who you are.

The roadmap of an ideal journey to self belief!

But why do I need to loose myself

It's been written and said many times that we human beings are but a product of the beliefs we carry. The sense of self belief is what makes us who we are as individuals and it actually impacts the way we perceive the world external to us and it also defines how we react to the external influences on us. In many scientific experiments it's been proved that beliefs can have influences as significant as drugs in some cases and even more powerful than that in other cases. There's a lot of theory written on the subject of thinking positive and creating positive beliefs, programming sub-conscious mind, using positive affirmations etc etc. But the truth of the today's world is that it's so very dynamic and is ever changing whereas the problem with our beliefs mostly is that they usually stick with us irrespective of whether positive or negative, not only they stick with us but they start influencing us for either changing frequently or resisting change at all and yeah that definitely deviates us from our natural rate of growth. The idea of loosing ourselves is not that we stop believing anything at all or start believing anything that we come across, the idea of loosing self is that we become self aware enough to understand when and how we need to acquire new beliefs and when is the time to get away with the old ones we're carrying. If you're really willing to create your best version yourself then the first step is to be willing and ready to loose yourself.

Loose yourself and start again.

Everyday is a new day giving us a new way of doing things. A new light to enlighten our soul and a new hope of a better life. What if we start fresh with all the new energy the sun brings with each of its ray entering our soul. What if we forget what happened till yesterday and start with an empty box carrying nothing ahead with us not even the so called memories. What if we decide everyday what exactly do I want from today, no concept of long term goals, dreams nothing. Just today, Just what I want from today. To begin with it's just you all alone. No aspirations, No approvals of anybody, Just self acceptance, No jealousy but only joy that you're offered a new day. What else can you be more thankful for than having been blessed with yet another day.

Warning Sign 1 "The road to vulnerability"

The road you're choosing to travel by refreshing your mind completely is definitely a road to vulnerability. Let's not forget one thing, it's you who've chosen to loose yourself and everything else remains the same and you've absolutely no control over the external world. If somebody didn't like you yesterday, they may not like you today and vice versa, if somebody didn't support you yesterday they may not support you today, if somebody hurt you yesterday they may hurt you today as well. Remember you're going to have no control over the external world but it's you who are new, it's you who are fresh. When you've lost yourself, you've the option to react in a completely different way because there's no ego, no memories you're attaching to yesterday. Yesterday you yelled at somebody when they made a joke on you but today it's new you and you're well going to enjoy those jokes coming at you. Loosing yourself is the first step to realising who you can be just if you can get rid of those beliefs which you somehow acquired and you just got stuck to them.

The kingdom of self awareness

Self awareness to be honest doesn't mean what you're capable of achieving in the next 7 years but it's more about saying I can do this in next 7 minutes or something like I can achieve this piece of task in next 4 hours. Stop thinking about what's gonna be the dream of tomorrow and start focusing on building today. Does that mean I'm asking you to stop dreaming big may be yes but at the same time I'm also encouraging you to start building big. Stop Stop and stop dreaming big, just start acting small. You can start with following small little actions.

  1. Keeping a loose yourself card in your pocket just in case you forget
  2. Printing loose yourself on your t-shirt in case first point is not enough
  3. Smiling with those who smile with you
  4. Staying away from those who find it easier to live without you
  5. Focusing on your day and making sure you do your job well
  6. Making it a point to learn a new word from your domain's jargon everyday
  7. Trying to stop reading and start writing what your life is about at least for 15 minutes daily
  8. Understanding what scares the hell out of you
  9. Building habits around what your core or individuality resonates with
  10. Making it a point to help those who come your way on a specific day in the best possible way you can