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Essentials of Node.js

Part-1 What is Node.js ?

Brief Introduction
Node.js is an asynchronous event driven environment based on chrome's V8 javascript engine. It is a fast, powerful and scalable server side technology powering many of today's heavy duty network applications. Though it initially emerged as an efficient server side technology but over the time it has spawned itself into other areas like Internet of Things, X-Platform Mobile Applications and GUI based desktop applications where it is used directly or indirectly. Our mission is to look at all the different aspects of Node.js and eventually penetrate into the world of infinite possibilities which exist with Node.js

Node.js was originally created in 2009 by Ryan Dahl.

A basic Node.js App
Before we go further, let's look how simple it is to get an http server up and running with Node.js. Shown below is Simple Node.js App which simply says hello world when accessed through a browser on localhost with port 80.

		A Simple Server in Node.js
	var http = require('http');
		response.writeHead(200,{"Content-Type": "text/plain"});
		response.write("Hello World");
You don't really need to understand the above code right now. It's just a trailer of simplicity of Node.js We'll write a lot more code in following parts of this workshop and try to understand each and every code snippet in detail.
Organization of this workshop
This workshop on node.js is created with the focus on writing better code and learning techniques to solve common problems with node.js. And therefore it is not meant to be in any particular sequence rather we try to take up one problem in each part and try to solve it. But if you're a beginner in node.js then it is recommended that you follow it sequentially.
Pre-requisites for this workshop
Before you start with this workshop make sure that you've nodejs environment and npm package manager installed on your system. If you don't have nodejs installed, please follow the following link and download nodejs and npm for your operating system.
>> Nodejs Official Downloads
In case you're facing any difficulty setting up your nodejs environment, it is advisable to search google for the same as there are already many tutorials around this topic.

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